Friday, 8 June 2012

Women & Tech World ...

Social revolutions rarely are, especially when you're a woman trying to break into the boys' club that is "TECH WORLD".
I have been through stages from being a mundane person to a wannabe and a newbie, learning and very jealous to know more... and I will love to be in this newbie phase forever :)
In the course, Yeah !! I have felt that it is male dominated world. No doubt!

But, we have to dispel the notion aforementioned and move ahead. The emergence of young female tech founders and executives reflects sweeping change in the worlds of start-up companies and angel funding, where wealthy investors give money in return for a stake in a company. Also, if we observe deeply, we are the heroines! :)
Imagine, the Internet based companies, e-commerce based companies! Don't you notice that they are like ever-super-fast-growing and 24*7 engaged??
Yes, they are! :):)
It underscores the enormous purchasing prowess of women on-line that is transforming the Web economy. As more consumers reach for their smart phones and tablets to shop and communicate, there is a pressing need for commerce sites that cater to women, who control majority of on-line purchases worldwide.
So, I say we are the unsung heroines ;)
Cheers !! :):)

On this positive note, head on... :)
If you are thinking to be an entrepreneur, you can always be one!
Before, it was very difficult for a female entrepreneur to start the company, as funding was equally a formidable task.
Of late, its a thrilling and bumpy ride for female entrepreneurs in tech.
It's cheaper to start a company today because Web servers and other equipment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not the millions once required for high-end computer servers. Newer technologies, such as cloud computing, reduce infrastructure costs. And coding isn't as onerous as it once was. Those changes have allowed entrepreneurs to build products faster and land funding sooner.

We, can notice the influx of female entrepreneurs in this tech world. Its really awesome to be a women in tech and keeping very busy!
There are large number of female led groups whom you can really rely upon for the guidelines and also, there are superwomen in this field :):)
Its good to follow them!

But it is a long journey, and there are many stages to that journey and a lot to juggle with, to be SUCCESSFUL. :)
I hope this post will be an inspiring note :)
All The Very Best! :)

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