Monday, 11 February 2013

Hadoop Hangover: How-to launch a hadoop cluster CDH4 [MRv1 / YARN + Ganglia] using Apache Whirr

  This post is about how-to launch a CDH4 MRv1 or CDH4 Yarn cluster on EC2 instances. It's said that you can launch a cluster with the help of Whirr and in a matter of 5 minutes! This is very true if and only if everything works out well! ;) 

Hopefully, this article helps you in that regard.
So, let's row the boat...
  • Download the stable version of Apache Whirr  ie. whirr-0.8.1.tar.gz from the following link whirr-0.8.1.tar.gz
  • Extract from the tarball and generate the key 
  • Generate the key
  • Make a properties file to launch the cluster with that configuration.
  • Now let me tell you how to avoid getting headaches!
    • cluster name: Keep your cluster name simple. Avoid testCluster, testCluster1 etc. ie. No Caps, numerics..
    • Decide on the number of datanodes you want judiciously.
    • Your launch may not be successful, if java is not installed. Make sure the image has Java. However, this properties file takes care of that.
    • It will be good to go ahead with MRv1 for now and later switch to MRv2, when we get a production stable release.
    • This is the minimal set of configurations for launching a Hadoop cluster. But, you can do a lot performance tuning upon this.
    • I had launched this cluster from an ec2 instance, Initially i faced errors, regarding user. Setting the configuration below, solved the problem.
    • Set proper permissions for ~/.ssh and whirr-0.8.1 folder before launching.
  •  Well, we are ready to launch the cluster. Name the properties file as "".
In the console you can see, links to Namenode and JobTracker Web UI. It also prints how to ssh to the instances in the end.

  • Now, you should be having the files generated. You will be able to see  these files: instances, and hadoop-site.xml
  • Starting the proxy
  • Open another terminal, and type
  • You should be able to access the HDFS.
  • You can alternatively download hadoop tarball and launch with 
  •  Okay! So I know that you will not be satisfied unless you a web UI
So, we are good to go! 
  •   If you want to launch MRv2,  use this.
and the same process! 
Happy Learning! :)

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